From left to right.

Uberbob: For some odd reason, generally the leader of the team. Uberbob consistently manages to be both an idiot and a dick. Everyone hates him - except for L33tz4n, that is. He has an odd obsession with talking about fish, emphasizing random nouns, and hitting on lesbians. He has a robotic arm and leg, and is missing one ear. Uberbob’s spells and abilities:
-Disbalance: 3 damage to target, temporarily halves their defense.
-AntiMagic: Target is not affected by magic (however, non-magic abilities or highest level spells still work)

Fawriel: The group’s main healer. He’s smarter than Uberbob, but generally obedient and a bit withdrawn. He’s comparatively nice, but still gets annoyed with Uberbob’s idiocy at times. He enjoys drawing. Fawriel’s spells and abilities:
-Defender: Maximum and current health are both raised by 10.
-Raise: Brings target dead ally back to life.
-Animate Dead: Raises dead target (enemy or ally) for one turn and lets you control them. They die afterwards.

Araches: The group’s sorceress. She has a loathing for Uberbob, a strong sexual attraction to Shuriken, and a dislike of clothing (according to her, it hinders magic abilities). She also has a hat with a feather. Araches’ spells and abilities:
-Biohazard: Target enemy takes 2 damage per turn.
-Lightning: Does 10 damage to target enemy.
-Haste: Target gets +2 movement. Takes effect the turns AFTER it is cast.

L33tz4n: Hacker, hypnotist, last of a species, and, most importantly, the group’s summoner. She is the only one that actually likes Uberbob. Nobody knows why. He apparently doesn’t show her affections back and usually forgets her name. L33tz4n’s spells and abilities:
-Hypnotize: Control target enemy for one turn. It can not act its next turn.
-Summon Mythslayer: Summons a mighty Mythslayer.
-Summon Arabian War Acupuncturist: Summons the AWA.
-Summon Water Elemental: Summons a water elem.
-Summon Enchantresphere: Summons an Enchantresphere.

Fooruman: Heir of Gondor, former president of Chile, and the last unicorn. Fooruman, who specializes in crappy magic spells, was fairly useless to the party until he met up with a magical canoe while stuck in a dungeon. Together they formed the Foocanoe team, and saved the rest of the party from certain doom. Fooruman’s spells tend to focus on suicide attacks while the Canoe’s are mainly healing spells. Foocanoe’s spells and abilities:
-Foshizzle: An amazing dance move that counts how much health Fooruman has lost and does that much damage to a select enemy.
-Quantum Squaredance: Allows Fooruman to switch places with a targeted enemy or ally.
-Custard’s Last Stand (non-magic): Fooruman gains two movement. His attacks only use one movement point, rather than ending his turn. The turn after the spell is used Fooruman spontaneously dies.
-Dispell (Canoe’s): Removes magic effects from target character (with the exception of certain ultimate spells).
-Heal (Canoe’s): Restores 15 health to target character.
-Raise (Canoe’s): Raises targeted dead ally.

Shuriken: Shuriken is a master swordfighter. She’s cold-hearted and doesn’t like putting up with anyone, especially Araches or Uberbob, but also Faw, L33tz4n, and Fooruman. In fact, she tends to get along best with the Summons. Falcon really hates me because you guys keep getting her killed. Shuri is sometimes the leader of the party. Shuriken’s spells and abilities:
-Ninja Speed (non-magic): Shuriken gets two more movement for her turn. This can be used after she moves to let her attack twice.
-Foshizzle: Taught to her by Fooruman, Shuri can do an amazing dance move that counts how much health she has lost and does that much damage to a select enemy.
-Feat (non-magic): It would take a whole page to write what this spell does. Simply put, this spell has a ton of completely different effects (depending on how it is used) that all tend to make fun of superhero clichés.

The Enchantresphere (Summon): The Enchantresphere is one of L33tz4n’s summons. She can call on it from its magical plane to fight in combat for her or accomplish other simple tasks outside of combat. The Enchantresphere is a floating ball of energy and is immune to magic.

The Water Elemental (Summon): The Water elemental is another one of L33tz4n’s summons. It is essentially a Styrofoam cup filled with animate water. It probably doesn’t taste very good. It has low health, but the highest damage of any summon.

The Mythslayer (Summon): Another L33tz4n summon. Called forth from the depths of a horror novel, the Mythslayer is a reasonable fighting unit with an especially useful spell. However, you will need to keep him alive for a turn so you can cast it. Spells and abilities:
-Slay: Removes 1/3 of target’s HP.

The Arabian War Acupuncturist (Summon): The final L33tz4n summon. Like most combatants, the AWA runs up to people and stabs them. However, the Arabian war acupuncturist is skilled with his needles in a way that causes his stabs to heal the target rather than hurt them. He is very fast and a potent healer, but he is also weak so one must be careful to keep him away from the enemy. Spells and abilities:
-Needle Time: AWA’s attacks only heal 2 health, but attacking only takes one move instead of ending his turn.